2021 Rescue Skills Training 101 Trip ~ Lower Clackamas River

Rescue Skills Training 101 Trip ~ Where: McIver Park on the Lower Clackamas River ~ Dates: April 11, 2021 (Sunday)

2021 Rescue Skills Training 101 Trip ~ Lower Clackamas River

Apr 11th - All Day
McIver State Park to Barton Park ~ Lower Clackamas River


At the last club meeting I proposed doing a small, simple, informal training trip on the Lower Clackamas River in April. I had in mind practicing the important knots, throw-bag skills, raft, cataraft or inflatable kayaking flipping, beginner boating skills and possibly setting up a demonstration Mechanical Advantage System. The event would start at 9 am at McIver State Park and finish at the take-out location at Barton Park at around 5 pm, with a maximum of 15 participants, including experienced boaters to facilitate the events. My goal is to make this happen several times in the next couple months to help everyone who wants to come along and get a chance. I had mentioned at the meeting that I was planning on doing this on April 10th then I realized I had already planned something for that day So, how about trying to get a group together on April 11th and another on April 17th?

Please email Matt Saucy at sawdusty(at)gmail.com if you want to be involved with this training, either as a new boater or club member or someone who is experienced and would like to help out. I don't think it's necessary to have your own craft or a dry suit to participate. You just might not be able to be a part of the swims without one. I have an extra raft that someone could use and can likely come up with another or an IK, if needed. Normally, I would just bring individuals that wanted to participate in a paddle raft along in my raft. But, with the Covid virus still wide-spread, I'm not sure that's the best idea right now. 

I plan to be masked whenever it's difficult to keep distance. Certainly in any shared shuttling that takes place. I think, it's a good idea to try and have a partner/buddy for this event that is in your regular Covid circle or pod, that can help with the equipment or in an emergency. This is the first club trip that I have been a part of since the pandemic started and I would rather err on the side of safety and caution. Please let me know if you have any positive suggestions or ideas about this topic or the event in general. Also, let me know if I forgot to mention something or anything else needs to be included with the training.


Matt Saucy, Training Director