2017 Jumping/Zipping for Safety fundraiser!

Oregon Whitewater Assoc's (OWA) third annual Jumping/Zipping for Safety fundraiser!

Bungee and Zip-lines Options

2017 Jumping/Zipping for Safety fundraiser!

Apr 09th - All Day
Bungee.com, LLC - NE Healy Rd. and NE Belvins Rd., Amboy, WA 98601

It’s time to plan for OWA’s third annual Jumping/Zipping for Safety fundraiser! This event is one of our primary opportunities to raise funds that go exclusively to the Safety & Training program. This is the program that provides training events like the Pool Session in February, the River Safety Training (RST) in April and the Wilderness First Aid in September. Each of these courses is either free to you, or is massively subsidized by OWA, to make the training more affordable for members and their families. These funds are also what allow us to sponsor new training opportunities like Boating 101 and the potential for the member requested Kids Water Safety training.

To register use the Paypal registration above. To offer all of these opportunities to membership, we must have funding. This opportunity, sponsored by Casey Dale at www.bungee.com & www.ziplinex.com, provides a huge step forward in our ability to fund these services.

Please look for opportunities to bring together adult family members or friend/social groups (members of the club or not) and come out for a day of sweet adrenaline! Weight requirements are that all participants must be between 100#-280# (and up to 300# for bungee), Closed toed shoes are required. Many OWA members have participated in the past, so if you’re curious, ask around and find out just how fun this can be.

This event is open to anyone who would like to support OWA’s Safety program, member or not. The cost is $85, which represents a significant reduction from the standard fee ($100 + tax). The sign-up and payment will be made direct to OWA through our OWA homepage and all proceeds will go to the OWA Safety Program. This is a huge opportunity for us to have a great time outside, while also raising a truly significant amount of money for the Safety Program. This opportunity is limited to 32 spots and is not for the faint of heart.

This year we will again offer both the opportunity to Bungee Jump OR to traverse the ZiplineX Experience and fly on all the Zip-lines! Cost breakdown is as follows:

• Bungee (once) $85.00
• Bungee (twice) $120.00
• Zip-lines $85.00

There are eight zip-lines and eight aerial bridges some of which are suspended hundreds of feet above Canyon Creek. This is NOT a kid-friendly activity and the offer is NOT extended to small (light weight) children.

You may choose either Bungee Jumping OR the Zip-line tour, or both. For those interested in Bungee, there will be jump times available at 10:00AM and other Jump times at 2:00PM. For Zip-lines, each group will take about 2.5 hours to negotiate the course and will do so in guided groups of eight. Right now it looks like we can accommodate launch groups at 10:00, 10:30, 1:00 and 1:30. Depending on participation levels, we may need to consolidate Jump time or Zip times or both. Please sign up for the time you’d like but please be flexible if we have to move you to another time.

Please pass this along to anyone that you think would like to participate in this fundraising activity. And if you do go, by all means share your epic adventure on social media via facebook & twitter, and be sure to tag bungee.com.