October Club Meeting

October Club Meeting

Oct 10th 6:00 pm - 8:30 pm

Flying Pie Pizza     7804 SE Stark Street Portland, OR 97215      Google Map

Website:       Flying Pie Pizza

Schedule:     6:00 – 6:30       Social Time                  Pizza/Salad Delivered @ 6:15
                     6:30 – 6:45       Upcoming Trips            Pizza Delivered @ 6:30
                     6:45 – 7:15       Club Business               Pizza Delivered @ 6:45
                     7:15 – 8:15       Presentation
                     8:15 – 8:30       Clean-up

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Come learn the basic principles of setting up a tarp in a wilderness environment.  Many of us have seen them set up and enjoyed the benefits of being underneath them for either shade or protection from the rain, but there are a lot of misconceptions about how to best set one up.  Come hear about some basic strategies of setting up a tarp that will provide you what you are needing on your river trip and increase the probability of withstanding wind and rain.
Speaker Information
OWA Members Bruce Ripley and Scott Ogren