River Safety Training

River Safety Training

River Safety Training

Apr 11th - All Day

River Safety Training Class 2015


Lead Instruction: eNRG Kayaking

Registration: www.OregonWhitewater.org/rescue

Registration Fee: $70 (Non‐Refundable)

Course Size: First 36 registrants.

Dates:  April 23 through April 24 (Saturday and Sunday)

Hours: Instruction from 7:30-5:00 each day

Location: Dodge Park – Sandy Oregon

Food:   Coffee, water, electrolyte drinks, sweet and salty snacks will be provided but you are on your own for lunch.  Please bring lunch with you so you don't have to leave the area to go get it.

Gear: This is an in/out of water course and requires a drysuit, helmet, PFD and footwear.  Dress for the weather for classroom instruction.

This two-day river safety training is a hands-on customized class for recreational kayakers, rafters, and guides who want to hone their swiftwater rescue skills.  Each day is broken up into a classroom module and an experiential component.  Day 1 starts with rescue theory and hydrology.  We will introduce several different types of ropes and teach the minimalist approach to hardware, knots, and other tools.  We will introduce foot entrapments / bow pins, contact rescues, wading rescues, and swimming in rapids.  Day 2 focuses on group management, victim behavior, and preemptive safety.  We will teach you how to build and pick proper anchors, and elaborate on mechanical advantage.  Finally, we will recreate real life scenarios that will test all the knowledge you have learned and help you build the judgment that will help save lives.

Specific River Safety Drills Will Include

  • Safely swimming in swiftwater
  • Fording shallow and fast-moving water utilizing various techniques
  • Crossing deep, slow-moving and fast-moving water utilizing basic gear, small boats, and combinations of the two.
  • Understanding swiftwater rescue team organization
  • Utilizing climbing and technical rescue gear applicable to swiftwater rescue
  • Utilize basic communication strategies
  • Practical exercises to reinforce classroom theory
eNRG Kayaking
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2015 RST is now full.  Please email Steve Oslund (steviltwo(at)gmail.com) if you'd like to be added to the wait list.  Thank you.