2012 North Santiam, Class III

The annual North Santiam float! The float will be from Packsaddle to North Santiam Park. Sept. 22 ought to be High Indian...

2012 North Santiam, Class III

Sep 22nd 10:30 am - 3:00 pm
North Santiam River - Mill City, OR

Date:  September 22, 2012

River:  N. Santiam Class II/III

Contact:  Rick Hendon, gonetothedogsinc(at)msn.com, (503) 887-4305

Trip information:  The annual North Santiam float!  The float will be from Packsaddle to North Santiam Park.  Sept. 22 ought to be High Indian Summer and a great time for a day run on the North Santiam.  We'll put in at Packsaddle at 10:30 on Saturday, Sept. 22, run for a couple of hours, find a good sandbar, have lunch and then finish up and take out at North Santiam State Park, which is about three leisurely, scenic miles downstream from the Fisherman's Bend, and a total of just over 12 miles.  There are plenty of riffles and play spots, and only about three rapids that require much planning, although at low water levels this run can be bony.  Spencer's Hole and Carnivore are the two liveliest rapids, and one needs to know where to go over the dam at Mill City to avoid the rocks.  (The dam should be approached immediately to the left of a small fountain-like plume that is visible from upstream.)

If folks would like, there are a couple of good breakfast eateries enroute on 211 in Sublimity and Silverton; we'd be pleased to meet up and have a breakfast at 8:30.  Bring your own lunch.

Email me with numbers in your party, and names as well, please.