2013 Tieton River, Class III+

This is a joint club event with OWA and WRRR. Potluck with WRRR Saturday evening. The Tieton River is a continuous Class II-III+ river without much chance to stop.

2013 Tieton River, Class III+

Sep 13th 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
Tieton River, Class III+ - Rimrock, WA

Date: September 13-15, 2013

River:  Tieton River, Class III+

Contact: David Elliott, dce(at)dcell.com

Trip Information:  This is a joint trip with OWA and WRRR.  

Continuous CLASS II-III+

Description: The Tieton River is dam controlled, the Bureau of Reclamation opens the spillgates at Rimrock Dam and turns up the water volume to a September blast. At this time of the year this is the only rafting in Washington, so everybody's here - private boaters and commercial outfitters alike - which results in lots of river traffic and congestion at the put-in and take-out.

Running the Tieton will be fast and steep (45' per mile) without much chance to stop. 11 miles of continuous II+ - III whitewater (and paddling) all in less than 2 hours. There are very few eddies and there is a lo-head dam at the mid-point of the run that is generally runnable left-of-center. Below the dam is High Noon (or Pinball), a tough class III right maneuver, followed by Waffle Wall, a narrow chute above a concrete wall grid, that has 2 holes at the bottom that must be avoided!

Camping: BLM camping along the river. Primitive camping, first come first served. Hordes of people will be there. Port-a-potties available. 
Other possible Accommodations: Hause Creek campground, approx. 3 miles east of Rimrock, is the largest. There are numerous other campgrounds along this stretch of US-12.

Potluck with WRRR Saturday night.  

Here is a tentative option for running. 

Saturday WRRR camp to TIM's Pond (This is another 1-2 hours of running and recommended on Saturday's.  Much better parking and less congestion.) http://www.americanwhitewater.org/content/River/detail/id/2250/
       Shuttle from the Main Camp area to Tim's pond 9:45  (Cars will line up on the 2nd access road starting at 9:40 and leave at 9:45)
       Launch River Craft from Main Camp area at 11:05am
       Lunch at Waffle Wall Eddy (Also good spot to set safety on Saturday)
       Back to camp.
    Sunday WRRRcamp to WINDY point
       Shuttle from the Main Camp at 10:15am (Cars will line up on the 2nd access road in dustbowlat 10:10 and leave at 10:15)
       Launch from Main Camp area at 11:05am
       Takeout at Windy point.