2020 Upper North Santiam (Boulder Creek Section)

2020 - Boulder Run of the Upper North Santiam, Solid Class III+/IV Rapids, April 11th, 2020

2020 Upper North Santiam (Boulder Creek Section)

Apr 11th 10:00 am - 5:00 pm
Detroit - Parking Lot @ Mountain High Grocery


Class: III+ to IV

Length: 10 Miles

Flows: 2,400 cfs to 4,000 cfs (Boulder Ck Gauge)

This is a high elevation Cascade Mountain River that has a small window of opportunity for boating. This run is water level dependent and requires a combination of heavy rain, snow melt and high freezing level temperatures, so date may be flexible.

Steep, continues rapids. Wood obstructions and log jams are a real possibility on this section of river. There will be two class IV roadside scouts on the drive up. Less then a third of the river and rapids can be seen from the road. Meet up is in Detroit (Hwy 22), 2 hours drive from PDX. The run is from Pamelia Creek Put-in to Blowout Rd take out. Approximately 10 miles. 8 boats max.

For further details please contact trip leader:

Scott Harvey, hadjimann(at)yahoo.com