2022 Deschutes River - Tax Relief & Spring Float

Day Float on the Middle Section of the Deschutes River from Harpham Flats to Sandy Beach

2022 Deschutes River - Tax Relief & Spring Float

Apr 30th 9:00 am - 4:00 pm
Harpham Flats, Maupin

Class: III (-IV)

Length: 11 Miles

The river is free of crowds and other boaters during this time of season. So join us for a pleasant Spring day float on the Deschutes River. April breathes new life into this desert canyon. The hillsides turn green with new shoots and the light scent of sage is in the air. 

Meeting is at Harpham Flats at 9am. We will shuttle the vehicles down to Sandy Beach starting at 10am sharp. This will put us back at Harpham Flat for an 11am launch. Bring your lunch, since we will be stopping along the way to enjoy the bright sunny day and have a bite to eat.

This is a Class III river with Wapinitia, Boxcar and Oak Springs providing some big water action, so rowers need to be competent. The float takes about 3 hours. Flow levels normally range from 5,000 cfs to 8,000 cfs and sometimes a bit higher during this time of year.

Anyone floating the Deschutes River will need a boaters pass that can be purchased online at www.boaterpass.com or search Deschutes boater pass: https://www.recreation.gov/permits/251980

Please contact trip leader Bill Goss if your interested in joining the trip or need further details: Bill Goss zanng(at)msn.com