2010 Deschutes River Trip Report

March 19, 2010 at 8:00 AM

By Carol Beatty

Very minimal river traffic, only one afternoon of wind and a small sprinkle of rain Sunday morning contributed to a perfect river trip on the Lower Deschutes March 19-21.

The boy was six year old Carson Ogren, son of Scott Ogren; Brenda Bunce brought her border collie, Lucy. The other boaters for the weekend were Dave Summers, Cary Solberg, Carol Beatty, Don Jacklin, Brian Albers, Jim Gizzi, Tom Hanson and Bruce Ripley. Everyone but Carson and Lucy had their own raft or cataraft.

It was a the right weekend for a Spring river trip because we had the river to ourselves, sharing it with redwing blackbirds, a scattering of blue herons, a raccoon, an eagle and mountain sheep seen from a distance.

Scott Ogren was trip leader and also the boater with the most gear. If Scott had included his kitchen sink, we all could have set up a small apartment under his large tarp.

Camp spots were Lower Beavertail campground and Lockitt. River level was approximately 5000 cfs, floating us quickly down the river. Sunday morning it took two and a half hours to run the 14 miles to Heritage Park.

After packing up river gear, we ate lunch at Big Jim’s on the east end of The Dalles, home of yummy cheeseburgers and delicious milkshakes.


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