2019 River Safety Training

This year River Safety Training (RST) will be offered again at Dodge Park. As most of you know, this is our signature safety event for the year and we want to make sure the class is full. We will again have three primary instructors who will be coordinated by Sam Drevo and eNRG Kayaking

2019 River Safety Training

Dodge Park

This is a fast paced, fun weekend course that teaches and strengthens skills needed for safe operation in and around white water. The cost of instruction is highly subsidized by the OWA Safety and Traiing program. Accidents happen and whitewater is inherently dangerous. The RST course is designed to help you mitigate danger by giving you tools/skills to assess the situation and then act/react.

Any questions, please send an email to safety(at)oregonwhitewater.org.

To register for this class, go here: http://oregonwhitewater.org/rescue/rst/