February Club Meeting

February Club Meeting

Feb 08th 6:45 pm - 9:00 pm

Clackamas Aquatic Center  7300 Southeast Harmony Road, Portland, OR 97222  Google Map

Website:     Clackamas Aquatic Center 

Schedule:    6:45 – 8:30       Safety Practice           No Food
                    8:30 – 8:45       Clean-up
                    8:45 - 9:00        Hot Tub
Instuctors:  Scott Ogren   - Station #1 Knots
                   Val Shaull    - Station #2 River Signals & Deep Water Throwbagging
                   Zach Collier  - Station #3 Raft Flipping
                   Dave Nissen  - Station #4 Cat Flipping
                   Brent Davis   - Station #5 Throw Bags
Topic:         Safety Skills Practice

Presentation Posters:      PowerpointPoster

Meeting Details:

Come one, come all to the Clackamas Pool Safety Training on February 8.  OWA has organized another great event to help members advance their rescue skills to the next level or to simply add to their current bag of tricks.  We will begin promptly at 6:45 p.m. with the introduction of  the five stations, their objectives and the rotation flow of the night. Come see how our instructors are passionate and committed to helping you raise your confidence and your abilities to rescue yourself and others on the river. Be sure to bring your helmet, river shoes, lifejacket and throw rope.

Stations & Instructors

Station #1 - Knots
Instructor:    Scott Ogren
Location:     Climbing Wall
Students will learn five basic knots – what they are best used for and why it is important to dress knots properly. You will learn how to tie the Bowline, Figure 8, Water Knot, clove hitch and Double Fisherman’s bend.

Station #2 - River Signals & Deep Water Throwbagging
Instructor:    Val Shaull
Location:     Dive Pool
Throw to moving person in deep water from a perched position (and re-throw). Students will practice grabbing rope, position it over shoulder, and get pulled in deep water.

Station #3 - Raft Flipping
Instructor:    Zach Collier
Location:     Wave Pool
Learn the different leverages and angles to re-flipping your raft.

Station #4 - Cat Boat Flipping
Instructor:    Dave Nissen
Location:     Wave Pool
Students will learn how to flip with and without flip lines. Learn advantages and disadvantages of knots in the flip line. Understand leveraging your weight and size and other tricks to reflipping your Cat boat.

Station #5 - Throw Bags
Instructor:    Brent Davis
Location:     Wave Pool - Shallow End
Students will practice opening, throwing their rope to their target and retrieving and coiling rope properly.  Important considerations regarding throwing, retrieving, and re-throwing will be discussed.