February Meeting - Pool Session

Pool Session Location: North Clackamas Aquatic Center

February Meeting - Pool Session

Feb 11th 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

This is a great time to bring your families out, update skills and get some refresher training from some extremely knowledgeable folks who have graciously donated their time.  The Pool Session will begin promptly at 7:00PM and run to 9:00.  We will divide into groups and then rotate through the stations. 

The schedule looks like this:
7:00pm- Introductions 
7:30pm- 1st rotation
8:00pm- 2nd rotation
8:30pm- 3rd rotation
9:00pm- Gear breakdown and packing
Due to overwhelming participation by our volunteer instructors, and because of our limited time, there will be more stations than time permits for rotation.  We will attempt to get everyone though the stations they'd like to get through and I expect that there will be some interim floating between stations.  The stations will be:
Station 1 - Bruce Ripley - Knot Tying - Railing walkway
Station 2 - Sam Drevo - Throw Bagging/Swimmers - Wave Pool
Station 3 - Val Schaull - Light Cat Flipping - Dive Pool
Station 4 - Dave Neisen - Heavy Cat Flipping - Wave Pool
Station 5 - Zach Collier - Mechanical Advantage - Deck Area

Gear- Everyone in the pool must have the following gear (if you don't have it you can't get in the pool):
River Shoes/Sandals
If you have questions prior, please contact me at safety(at)oregonwhitewater.org.