September Club Meeting

September Club Meeting

Sep 11th 6:00 pm - 8:30 pm
Flying Pie Pizza - 7804 SE Stark Street Portland, OR 97215

Flying Pie Pizza     7804 SE Stark Street Portland, OR 97215      Google Map

Website:       Flying Pie Pizza

Schedule:   6:00 – 6:30       Social Time                  Pizza/Salad Delivered @ 6:15
                     6:30 – 6:45       Upcoming Trips            Pizza Delivered @ 6:30
                     6:45 – 7:15       Club Business               Pizza Delivered @ 6:45
                     7:15 – 8:15       Presentation
                     8:15 – 8:30       Clean-up

Speaker:     Sue Baker


Topic Information          

Sue Baker, Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area Wild and Scenic River manager since 2003. The two rivers in the Scenic Area include 7.7 miles of the White Salmon, and the lower 12 miles of the Klickitat.

Friends started me rafting years ago and I’ve rowed on the Rouge River, Snake, Owyhee, Klickitat, White Salmon, Grand Canyon, Grande Ronde,  and Deschutes.  I view boating in a ½ full, ½ empty sort of way.  I love the outdoors and running rivers, but  I also wear “protect-the-resource-that-can’t-speak-to-defend-itself” glasses as well.

So I guess it’s with those glasses on that I will be visiting the club. With the removal of Condit dam (yeah!!!), we now have a river being claimed by boaters, fish, Indian nations, Federal and State agencies, and, unfortunately,  invasive aquatic animals/plants, and who knows what else!  I know we can make it work if everyone joins in….we may not be on the same page, but at least, hopefully, we can be in the same book,  working towards supporting all  life in, on and around rivers.