2018 Tax Relief Float

This is a day float on the middle section of the Deschutes from Harpham to Sandy Beach

2018 Tax Relief Float

Apr 15th 9:00 am - 2:00 pm
Harpham Flats, Maupin

Date:  April 15, 2018

River:  Deschutes River, Class III/IV

Trip Leader:  Bill Goss

Contact:  zanng(at)msn.com

Trip Information:  This is a day float on the middle Deschutes.  The river is free of other boaters at this time, so join us for a pleasant day on the Deschutes.  Meet at Harpham Flat at 9am.  We will shuttle the vehicles down to Sandy Beach starting at 10:00am sharp.  This will put us back at Harpham Flat for an 11:00 am launch.  Bring your lunch since we will be stopping along the way to enjoy the bright sunny day and have a bite to eat.  This is a class IV river with Wapinitia, Boxcar and Oak Springs providing some big water, so rowers need to be competent.  The float takes about 3 hours.

Anyone floating will need a boaters pass that can be purchased online at www.boaterpass.com or search Deschutes boater pass.