2020 Upper Wind River Whitewater Festival

2020 Upper Wind River Whitewater Festival ~ Saturday, March 14th ~ Class IV+

2020 Upper Wind River Whitewater Festival

Mar 14th 9:00 am - 7:00 pm
Stabler, Washington


Note: This is not an OWA sponsored trip but merely a Boating Community Whitewater Race Event that is sponsored by The Upper Wind River Festival.

The Wind River is a steep gradient river with some blind class IV+ rapids that require split second maneuvering.

Class IV to V whitewater skills are highly recommended for those individuals interested in competing in the river race events.  

The total river length is approx. 8 miles with the race portion of the race event being roughly 2 miles in length.

The Wind Races will consist of R-2 rafts, kayak long and kayak short in both men's and women's heats.

Come on out to either race, volunteer, provide safety, watch the race event or just socialize with fellow boaters.

For further information or event details please check out the Upper Wind Whitewater Festival on Facebook.