**River Trip Canceled Due To Low Water Levels** 2022 Upper Siletz River

Upper Siletz River - Main Stem, Class III to III+ (IV to IV+), Saturday, Feb 12th

**River Trip Canceled Due To Low Water Levels** 2022 Upper Siletz River

Feb 12th - All Day
Upper Siletz River - Buck Creek to Moonshine Park - 3870 Moonshine Park Rd Logsden, OR 97357

Class: III to III+ (IV to IV+ Silache Rapids) Depending on Flows - (IV (V Silache Rapids) Extreme high Flows)

Length: 7 Miles

Flow: If the Siletz River Gauge is below 5 feet, then the river flows will be too low for boating the Siletz River. This river is flow level dependent and requires several days of moderate rain and showers to make this river section runnable.

The Siletz River flows through a mix of heavily logged and second growth forested coastal mountains of mixed evergreens and hardwood trees. We will stop and scout Silache Rapids (Class IV to IV+) during the drive to the launch site. At low water levels, Silache is a class 3 to class 4 rock garden with very distinct pools between drops. At moderate water levels of 6 to 8 feet on the Siletz gauge, the pools become shorter and Silache Rapids turns into a long class 4 rapid that requires skills to dodge rocks and holes. Above 8 feet on the gauge, Silache Rapids becomes a mile-long rapid with big waves and complex currents. You will also encounter large holes and powerful hydraulics. 

A portion of this river can be scouted during the drive to the launch site at Buck Creek as part of the shuttle road parallels the river. There is limited parking at the launch site so we will combine boats on trailers to limit the number of vehicles at the put in.

This is a large size coastal mountain river that can see river flows spike during heavy rain periods. There are numerous interesting and challenging rapids that will be encountered during this river run.       

Moonshine County Park and Campground is operated by Lincoln County is located at the takeout of this run. A segment of the campground is usually open year-round. The trip leader, Tom Riggs will be arriving and camping at Moonshine County Park on Friday, the day before the scheduled float. Individual's may also spend a second night (Saturday Night) at Moonshine County Park. 

Moonshine County Park: 3870 Moonshine Park Rd, Logsden, Oregon 97357


8 to 10 boats maximum.

Meet at take-out (Moonshine County Park) for shuttling at 10:00 am.

If interested, please contact the trip leader for updated details or too sign up.  

Call Tom Riggs 503-705-5783