2012 Lochsa River, Class IV/V

The Lochsa is a snow-melt, class IV-V river. It is big time whitewater with huge wave trains and some big holes....

2012 Lochsa River, Class IV/V

May 26th 10:00 am - 3:00 pm
Lochsa River, Class IV/V

Date:  May 26-27, 2012

River:  Lochsa River, Class IV/V

Contact:  Steve Herring, stevenh(at)tektronix.com

Trip information:  The Lochsa is a snow-melt class IV-V river.  It is big time whitewaer with huge wave trains and some big holes.  This is not a river for ID's or beginners.  Flips and swims are commonplace.  Five to ten flips per trip is not uncommon.  Wetsuits are mandatory and a drysuit is preferable.  Helmets are invaluable for proteting your head from flying oars and bodies when you have that inevitable flip.

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