Rogue, Class III/IV

The annual November Rogue River trip from Graves Creek to Foster Bar...

Rogue, Class III/IV

Nov 11th - All Day

Date:                November 11-13, 2011 

River:               Rogue

Class:               III/IV
Contact:           Scott Ogren,
scott(at), 503.267.9785

Trip information: The annual November Rogue River trip from Graves Creek to Foster Bar. A group of us will be spending Thursday night, November 10 at the Galice Lodge before the launch on Friday morning.



Trip Sign Up and Organization

To sign up for the trip, fill out the form below and pay your trip fee using the PayPal shopping cart button below.

We will have a food fee of $40 per person for the trip for a hearty breakfast and dinner ($20 for kids).  This will cover all of the common trip expenses.  Please pay your trip fee BEFORE Saturday, October 29.  You are not officially in the trip head count until you pay your trip fee.  To be fair to the meal captains who have generously agreed to prepare meals for the group, I would like to give them two weekends to shop and plan and prepare your meals, so please have your commitment and money paid early so I know what to tell them.  If you do not pay your trip fee by Saturday, October 29, you may not be able to join the trip.

As much as possible, all trip fees will be collected online with the OWA PayPal account.  Online payments are by far the preferred way for you to pay, but if you are not able to pay online, please let me know so we can make alternate arrangements.

After you fill out the form and pay your trip fee, you will be sent a link to the Google Docs spreadsheet.  Once you receive the email with the link to the Google Docs spreadsheet, you will be able to see what gear you can sign up for.  Anything with a yellow cell needs to be signed up for – as soon as you put your name in the yellow cell, it will turn white.  Please sign up to bring gear for the group needs.  We’ll need things from tarps to tables and stoves and firewood.  In the past, everyone really pitched in and to make a great camp.

How to Sign Up

Fill out the form below and click the "Submit" button.  Make sure to click that button before moving on to the PayPal section.  Clicking the "Submit" button populates a Google Docs spreadsheet with your information, and that needs to be done before paying your trip fee.  When you are ready to pay your trip fee, use the PayPal menu below.

Sign Up For The Trip

This trip is now full and we are no longer taking new people to sign up.  Thanks foy your interest and if you have any questions, please contact the trip leader.

Pay Trip Fee

If you are paying for more than one person, you will have the option to change that on the PayPal page.  If you are paying for adults and children, select "One Adult", click "Add to Cart" and then when you are at the PayPal page, click "Continue Shopping" and it will bring you back to this page where you can select "One Child" and then click "Add to Cart".  You can then adjust quantities on the PayPal page.