2013 Veteran’s Day On The Rogue

November 11, 2013 at 12:37 PM

We couldn’t have had better weather this time of year! Absolutely gorgeous! Highs in the mid 50’s and lows couldn’t have gotten much below 40. Mostly clear and sunny, and no rain!

The trip started Friday morning loading up gear and driving to Galice where we were greeted by a very friendly lady Alisha that in the absence of Miss Mary Lou, kept the Galice accommodations, breakfast, and shuttle service going very smooth. Many thanks to these wonderful ladies including those that got up early and cooked us a hardy breakfast. I hear that Miss Mary Lou was off visiting her Grandkids; I hope that visit went as good as our trip did.

Saturday morning started off with us all congregating at the Graves Creek put in. Some were just getting started and others had put on upstream and were floating in.

We had a review of the trip, how it was going to be organized, and then a safety talk.

We started out kayakers in front with Bruce Ripley to get the Fish ladder organized at Rainy Falls. With the awesome support we had at the Rainy Falls Fish ladder we got all boats through in about 30min.

We then preceded the rest of the way to our first camp Horseshoe bend campground about 10.3 miles for our first day on the river.

Camp was set up very quickly and appetizers and dinner were served.  A big thank you to Cary Solberg and the Tyrees for quesadillas and cowboy caviar and to the dinner crew (Brian Elecrick, Candace Bethel, Tara Haug, Brian Tobin, Steve Oslund and Sam Watry) who made Chili, Corn bread muffins, salad, and dessert.  I was stuffed!

Sunday morning I woke up got a fresh cup of coffee and watched as the sun came up, yet another beautiful day was beginning!  Another big thank you to Steve and Kevin Herring for organizing breakfast, and to Steve Kasper and the rest of the crew who helped out. We had Scrambled eggs with ham and cheese, pancakes, and pears. Yet another filling meal!

Sunday was a long day about 18.7 miles. Our first large set to get through that day was Mule Creek Canyon, about 10 miles into the day. I hear that the Kayaker’s had 2 swims in Mule Creek Canyon, as they say “We are all between swims”. That’s not too bad considering all the turbulent water and continuous nature of that canyon.

The second set to get through was Blossom Bar, about 1 mile below Star Creek Falls (the end of Mule Creek Canyon). I personally have to thank Steve Kasper for scouting Blossom Bar with me and a few other first timers.

As I entered Blossom Bar I came too close to a rock at the entrance and got spun around. I remember voicing my opinion at that moment of the predicament that flashed before my eyes, and then not giving up and putting all my strength into getting through this set in my boat. We got past the Picket Fence only to get stuck on a pour over rock, after a weight shift and some jiggling the Raft, with the guidance of others we came off. I know that another raft snapped an oar in Blossom Bar, and prior to Blossom Bar I lost an oar to the bottom of the river.

We only offered up 2 oars to the Rogue River this year. I always say if the worst thing that happens is we go for a few swims, and lose a little bit of gear. We have had a good trip!

After we all got through Blossom Bar the group headed for the second camp, we got there about 4pm. Delicious mini pizzas made by Kevin Buck, Evan Weiss, Chris Weiss and Lauren Summers curbed our appetite before the big feast.  Then it was Russ Pascoe & the Kayakers turn to make dinner. Another big thank you to Russ for organizing this dinner, you really made it easy breaking it down into smaller pieces and letting your fellow kayaker help you pull it together.  Another big thank you to the kayakers that prepared stuff for dinner and the rafters that helped with the transport. It was another hit with shrimp cocktail appetizers, spaghetti, 3 different kinds of sauce, Garlic bread, salad and cookies.

Monday morning we woke up to yet another beautiful day and of course HOT COFFEE and a filling breakfast.  Thank you Jim Terry & your Volunteers for a most awesome breakfast burrito/taco bar.  We all appreciate that you stepped up to take care of us on our final morning on the river.

As we were packing up camp we were blessed with a Black Bear & Cub sighting from across the river, right where I would like to see them, NO CLOSER.

We got in our boats and made the last stretch of our journey about 5.4 miles to Foster Bar take out where we loaded up our gear and headed home.

45 Souls – 44 adults and 1 teenager (15 years old)

7 Rafts, 15 Cats

9 Hard Shell Kayaks, 4 Inflatable Kayaks

All made it down and off the Rogue River safely

This was me and my Partner’s first trip on the Rogue River, and we can’t wait to do it again. Thank You OWA / OKCC. We would also like to thank all those that took the time to talk about the trip beforehand. Knowing a little about what was ahead of us was very useful. We cannot thank you enough!

Submitted by: Chris Massey

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