2012 March Lower Deschutes River

March 24, 2012 at 10:00 AM

Lower Deschutes River Trip

Mar. 24 to 26, 2012 

By Suzi Richards

We launched at Buck Hollow Sat. morning around 9-10 am.  All went smooth with everyone helping each other to get boats unloaded quickly and cars moved.  Before we took off we had introductions and a safety talk.  We were off and on the river by 11:15.  We had only one class III and a few II’s before the camp ground at Beaver Tail.  It was a nice big campground with pit toilets and lots of room for everyone.  It wasn’t long before the camp fire was going and Cary had the bar set up for drinks.  He even had virgin daiquiris for the kids.   Bea had put together some yummy munchies and all was good.  It was cool but no rain or snow.

Sun. we were up and at’em again with a great breakfast to start the day.  It was a 20 mile day with little or no rapids but outstanding scenery.  We floated through several layered basalt canyons.  I was wishing I knew more about geology but it was obvious we were looking at historical layers of an explosive time. 

This was also a chance for all the kids to take turns rowing and give the moms and dads a break.  It was very fun to see them rowing without a single thought as to what direction they were headed.  This time we camped on river left across from the Harris ranch.  The Harris ranch was at one time a working ranch but has long since been abandoned.  Again a very nice big camp ground with a big compost toilet.  It was so sunny and warm when we got to camp I was wishing I had brought some shorts.   We had another great camp fire and dinner that night.  Still no rain, YEA.

Monday morning was very cool but seemed to warm up after about an hour on the river.  The water was running high and Scott was thinking most of the Class III’s coming up would be washed out.  He was right, but they were still a fun ride.  It wasn’t long before we got to the take out at Heritage boat ramp.  Everyone pitched in and helped get boats loaded up and we were off to get hamburgers in the Dalles.  I think going on these trips is an excellent way to get to meet and know people involved in an activity we all love.

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