2012 New Years Day Float

January 01, 2012 at 10:00 AM

New Years Day Float 2012 Trip

Submitted by Marnie-Anne Sell (new boater)

All of the uncertainty of the  week leading up the the New Years Day float were washed away when I saw the clear morning  sky of the first day of the year.  As a new boater I have to admit that I was a little nervous as I read the emailed updates in the days preceding the float; not enough water - too boney they said, then there was too much water - flooding and dangerous!  I decided to layer myself in polypropylene, polar fleece, a drysuit, life jacket and hope for the best!

Well, the best occurred; the clear skies opened up to sun, the park was not closed, and the river cooperated with a flow of  6500 cfs.  Which, according to those who know much more than I, was just about perfect!

The shuttle from Dodge Park was set to begin at 10am, however it seems most everyone was ahead of schedule and we were one of the late arrivals at 9:30am.  An eager crew I thought!  Everyone was all smiles, encouraged by the sunny morning.  There were lots of hugs and “Happy New Years” as we all prepared to head out. 

The run started off very exciting with the biggest rapid of the day just moments after we had launched.  As the icy water splashed up on my face I could not imagine a better way to spend New Years Day.  My heart soared as we rocketed down the Sandy past breathtaking steep cliffs, water falls and deep forests.  The city had melted away, and I was  reminded how happy I am to live in one of the most beautiful places in the world!

A big thank you to trip leader Val Shaul who did a terrific job of organizing the float - a joint venture between OWA and NWRA.  There were 42 boats in all and 8 veterans paddled while 4 set the declicous pot luck up at Oxbow Park.  

Thank you as well to Disabled American Veterans and Team River Runner, an organization that provides health and healing to wounded veterans and their families through paddle sports, for provided the BBQ and to everyone who brought side dishes and deserts.   Finally, thank you to the crew who stayed behind and had a warm fire and food welcoming us when we arrived at Oxbow Park.

It would have been easy to sleep in on New Years morning, however I’m so glad I made the decision to paddle.  The river, the sunshine and the wonderful community of boaters helped me start this year off right, thank you!!! See you all next year - January 1st - on the Sandy!

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