2012 Women's Trip

June 15, 2012 at 10:50 AM


Submitted by: Carol Beatty

On June 15th at 10:00 AM, 17 women with ten boats and one IK were geared and ready to push off from Buck Hollow for the 14th annual Women’s Trip. It was a glorious day with clear skies and no wind.

Participants were:   Carol Beatty, Joan Rogers, Allison Bechtol, Reenie Summers. Pat Barry, Joy Cleaver, Anne Walsten, Pam Maxwell, Suzi Richards, Chris Hanley, Heather Russell, Celeste Brody, Ann Miller, Faye Sander, Maria Winner, Erika Winner, Paula Minear.

It was a group of seasoned boaters mixed with beginners anxious to hone their boating and camping skills.    A number of the women had been on the trip before and were veteran Colorado Rowers while others were novices on the oars still learning how to park a boat in a long line of boats at camp.    

That’s the whole purpose of the trip is to assemble a diverse group of women who are highly skilled boaters with women who want to be highly skilled.   Both groups always learn from each other.     No one ever gets impatient, edgy or critical of how any one in the group is doing.

We were lucky on camps this year:    got Lower Beavertail Camp on the first night and Fall Canyon Camp the last night.     Someone had mowed down all the spring grass at Fall Canyon, making pitching tents and setting up the kitchen a non chore.   There wasn’t as much river traffic as in years past.

This year there were two sister combinations:   Carol Beatty’s sister,Joan Rogers, was her boat buddy.   Suzi Richard’s sister, Chris Hanley from Texas, joined Suzi   Also, Heather Russell , Suzi’s niece, who has learned how to row from Suzi,  was rowing her own boat

And, Maria Winner, a Colorado veteran, and her 21 one old daughter, Erika, shared their 16’ cataraft.

On the last day, we had an extra strong upstream wind, tougher than normal.      That just meant everyone got experience staying in the current to let the river do the work with the wind cranking so hard.

Next year’s Women’s Trip is June14, 15, 16.   Happy boating

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