The Oregon Whitewater Association is for:

  • Boaters who want the camaraderie of running rivers together, to meet new river friends, and to learn new skills.
  • All river users: rafters, kayakers, canoeists, both private and commercial, as well as river managers and employees of managing agencies.
  • Everyone with a love of rivers and river recreation and with an interest in river conservation, river navigability and river access issues.

The Oregon Whitewater Association is committed to working with other river organizations and river agencies in a cooperative manner to enhance river recreational opportunities for non-motorized river users. Although this is a Portland based club, people from around the state and the country are encouraged to join our non-profit, recreational organization. Officers will be elected by the entire membership to directly serve all members, no separate chapters will be formed. Input from the members regarding river issues will be actively sought by the OWA officers.

We have an Annual River Trip Schedule schedule with some of our favorites that we run every year. The OWA Newsletter and website will provide stories about river trips, river preservation and other river issues. Information and discussions about river management issues will be closely monitored by OWA and will be reported in the newsletter.