April 2020

Volume 21, Number 4

April, 2020

The Oregon Whitewater Association brings private boaters together for the enjoyment of whitewater boating. Our vision is to promote whitewater safety and training for all of our membership in an effort to provide safety awareness and confidence when executing river rescue skills. OWA is the community of choice where fun and river adventures thrive and where people and rivers connect.

Photo "The Culprit" photographer unknown.  Submitted by Cinny Shaffer

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Contact Information

Your OWA Officers and Volunteers

Board of Directors

Scott Ogren, President
Steve Adams, Vice President - Events
Kimberly Long, Vice President - Newsletter
Dennis Schultz, Secretary
Paul Vermilya, Treasurer
Shakya Baldwin, Membership Director
Scott Ogren, Technology Director
Matt Saucy, Training Director

OWA Volunteers

Scott Harvey, Trip Editor
Cary Solberg, Advertising Editor
Jennifer Ogren, Newsletter Editor
Scott Ogren, Webmaster

Articles and Trip Reports

A remarkable 10-day trip down the San Juan River in Southeastern Utah, written in the 1950's.

Picture of the Month

This month's featured picture. If you want to have your favorite river picture featured here, send it to vicepresident-newsletter(at)oregonwhitewater.org.

This month's photo is "Last Day in the Canyon" taken by Ben Nieves, shared to support the San Juan article.

April 2020 Photo of the Month:  Last Day in the Canyon - Ben Nieves