Wood Report on Molalla River (Jan 31, 2020)

Molalla River Wood Hazards

Submitted by Scott Harvey 

(originally posted on OWA Facebook Page 1/31/20)

Molalla River (Three Bears) Log Hazards ~ If your plans this Winter or Spring include boating the Molalla river (Three Bears Section), be familiar with two potential log problems.   

There's a wedged log at Baby Bear Rapids that is blocking the left approach of the rock island. I'm sure most boaters are aware of this problem by now. This can be seen when road scouting. Run the far right side of the rock island. As of last week the right channel was clear.  

The second log problem is located at the tail end of Goldilocks Rapids on a hard right bend and just upstream of the large boulder that splits the river current. At 3,500 cfs you can run the far right side of the island at Goldilocks or run the left side of the island but stay close to the island to maneuver around the wedged tree. Do pull off and park at the Molalla River road sign that's pictured below when driving your shuttle. Cross the road and walk down the lightly used trail to an overview of the Lower Goldilocks Rapids and the wedged tree. At lower flows the route selection will change. So do scout if you’re not familiar with the tree hazard.  

A 10 minute scout could save you many hours of trying to recover a pinned boat in a not easily accessible canyon!