Recipe of the Month

Pot Pie

Submitted by  Shannon Scroggins

Dough Directions

Whisk together dry ingredients in a bowl. Cut butter into one inch cubes and add to dry
ingredients. Mash butter with a fork or hands into dry ingredients until butter is about "pea"
sized pieces. Add vinegar. Add 1/2 c cold water and bring mixture together to for a dough.
Press dough into a "pancake" shape, then wrap with plastic and put into refrigerator for at least
an hour.

Filling Directions

Melt butter in dutch oven. Sauté celery, onion, carrots, garlic, herbs, salt and pepper until
vegetables are soft. Add chicken and continue cooking until chicken is cooked. Sprinkle flour
over mixture and mix in quickly. Cook while stirring about 3 minutes until flour gets absorbed.
Slowly stir in cream. Place dutch oven over coals and let cook without lid.
Roll out dough to the size of dutch oven. Gently place dough on top of chicken mixture.
Immediately cover and add coals to the top of dutch oven. Temp should be 375-400 and
about 1 hour to cook. Dough should be golden brown when ready.
Note there are online guides that show the number of coals that should be used to get the
oven to a certain temperature. This will vary depending on whether you are using a cast iron or
aluminum dutch oven, the air temperature, the wind, and elevation.