February 2022

Volume 23, Number 2

February, 2022

The Oregon Whitewater Association brings private boaters together for the enjoyment of whitewater boating. Our vision is to promote whitewater safety and training for all of our membership in an effort to provide safety awareness and confidence when executing river rescue skills. OWA is the community of choice where fun and river adventures thrive and where people and rivers connect.

Photo of the Month

This month's featured photo and river love story was shared by Renee Sonnichsen.

For February: A River Love Story

Brian and I met on a Grand Canyon trip in 2009.  We had a mutual friend who invited us both.  On day 3 of our 16 day journey down the Colorado River, we fell hard and fast and forever in love. In 2011 we had our son, Wyatt.  In 2012 we bought ourselves a raft and got married on the upper Clackamas River.  Our summers are always filled with river trips with our kids.  We continue to seek the thrill of rafting adventures to this day; however, neither of us have a desire to venture down the Grand Canyon again - probably because we found what we wanted the first time down.  

If you want to have your favorite river picture featured, send it to vicepresident-newsletter(at)oregonwhitewater.org. You can also submit pictures through Instagram or the OWA Facebook group. Check our more photos of Renee and David at the bottom of the newsletter.  

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Contact Information

Your OWA Officers and Volunteers

OWA Board of Directors

Scott Harvey, President
Steve Adams, Vice President - Events
Kimberly Long, Vice President - Newsletter
Steve Kasper, Secretary
Paul Vermilya, Treasurer
Steve Herring, Membership Director
Scott Ogren, Technology Director
Matt Saucy, Training Director

OWA Volunteers

Scott Harvey, Trip Editor
Cary Solberg, Advertising Editor
Scott Ogren, Webmaster
Kimberly Long, Newsletter Editor
Bruce Ripley, Safety Auction Lead
Steve Oslund, First Aid Kit Organizer

President's Corner

One of Portland’s most eccentric and colorful political figures passed away earlier this month at the age of 90. John…

Next OWA Meeting

Meeting link will be sent out via H2OAddicts and posted in the OWA Facebook group

What: Snake River Odyssey

Who:   Bryan Brown

When:    February 9th, 2021, 6:30pm

Where:  Flying Pie Pizzeria

 or via Zoom

Snake River Odyssey - This presentation features Bryan Brown and his source-to-mouth descent of the Snake River.

Do you know of a speaker for one of our monthly meetings?

Do you know someone engaging, entertaining, and full of knowledge who you would like to hear speak at a club meeting? Any club member who successfully connects OWA with a speaker for one of our meetings will be entered into a prize drawing for a $150 gift certificate to one of our sponsors. To discuss a potential speaker, email VicePresident-Events(at)oregonwhitewater.org.

Trip Reports

When the weather turns cold and the days shorten up, many people store the rafts and prepare for other forms of…

River Trip Resources

Stay safe and healthy on the river and be prepared for emergencies.

Do you have a trip coming up? OWA has two extensive Wilderness First Aid kits and AED’s that go on all club trips and are available for club members to take on private trips. You can check them out by sending an email to firstaid(at)oregonwhitewater.org

Recipe of the Month

Originally submitted by Guy Boag published in the OWA Oregon Whitewater is Cooking recipe book

Knot of the Month

A bowline knot makes a loop tied at the end of a rope. The bowline has several uses as it can be tied around a object,…

Do you have something to share with the OWA community through the newsletter?

Do you want to share the tale of your latest multi-day rafting adventure or just the basics of your recent day run?  Do you have a recipe your river friends must try? Is there other river-related content you want to share? Any club member who submits written content published in the newsletter will be entered into a prize drawing for 1 of 2 $75 gift certificates to one of our sponsors.  Submitting photos gets you a chance to win 1 of 2 $25 gift certificates.  To submit newsletter content or photos for our social media accounts, email VicePresident-Newsletter(at)oregonwhitewater.org.

Upcoming OWA Trips

The new website and trip calendar are under construction.  Stay tuned.  Soon the trip calendar will be mobile device friendly!  Until then, you can visit the trip calendar at the soon-to-be-old website.

Feb 20th, 2022 BoatSmith Whitewater Festival ~ Smith River ~ Gasquet, Calif

March 9th, OWA Pool Session (rescheduled from February due to pool availability), 7:30-9pm @ North Clack Aquatic Park

Please visit the Oregon Whitewater Association Trip Calendar for more trips and events!

OWA has a Facebook group exclusively for members.  It is a great place to connect with other members to meet up at the river or exchange gear tips. Anyone can follow the OWA Instagram page. 

AWlogo.pngOWA is an affiliate member of American Whitewater.  OWA members receive a $10 discount off of individual membership.  American Whitewater is a national non-profit 501©(3) river conservation organization with a mission is to protect and restore America’s whitewater rivers and to enhance opportunities to enjoy them safely.  Click the Logo to visit the AW website and learn more.

Here are more photos from Renee of their fateful Grand Canyon trip, and Upper Clackamas wedding.  

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