ROTM: Cherry Jello Surprise

Cherry Jello Surprise

Originally submitted by Guy Boag published in the OWA Oregon Whitewater is Cooking recipe book

OWA is cooking.jpg48 oz jar applesauce

1 large can (16 oz) pie cherries

2 boxes yellow cake mix

1 large (6 oz) box cherry Jell-O


Make ahead of dinner so it has time to cool; tastes better.

Pour applesauce into a greased 12-in Dutch oven. Poor both cake mixes dry over the applesauce. Pour the can of pie cherries over the top of the cake mixes. Sprinkle the cherry Jell-O over the pie filling. DO NOT STIR. Cook 1 hour and 15 minutes; do not peek. 

Browning will not occur. Hard to overcook. Make 16 servings.

Briquettes: 12 on top, 8 to 10 on bottom