President's Corner

An Extended Season

By Scott Harvey

Scott Harvey.jpg

Greetings fellow club members,

June was national river month across this great country of ours and around this neck of the woods in Oregon and Washington, the month of June started just like the other previous six months prior, with wet, soggy and below normal temperatures. Then like clockwork, we went from late winter conditions to summertime weather with a click of the finger and hardly any springtime acclimation to accommodate us to the summer heat. But oh have the last few months that includes May and June been phenomenal around the northwest for rafting and kayaking due to the late winter conditions and high flows our local rivers received.  

Hopefully you all have had the good fortune to get out there and enjoy some of our unique rivers. I know I did with the time that I had. There's a handful of our rivers like the Upper Clackamas, Molalla, Hood River, Wind River, Klickitat, Cispus and the Green River up in Washington that have been up and running with sufficient water for boating in the month of June. It's very rare for these gems to be flowing late into the boating season.  

From the Colorado River, north to Alaska and all the great river's in between, I hope you all have a fantastic summer boating season. Remember to submit those photos and trip write ups for the OWA newsletter. 


Cheers and Safe Boating,

Scott Harvey