DIY Cup Holder

DIY Cup Holders

Submitted by Krista Hofmeister

CH 1.jpg

Materials for 4 cup holders:  

16" length of 3" ABS drain pipe (black)  

7 feet of 3mm black cordelette or similar  

24" of 1.5" black Velcro  



Miter saw  

Drill with 1/4" bit  

Sandpaper or orbital sander  

Sewing machine or needle & thread (synthetic, black)  


CH step 1.jpgStep 1  

Cut ABS pipe with miter saw into 4 pieces 4" long.  

Step 2  

Cut a slit with the miter saw 1 inch from the top of each piece. This is a slit that the Velcro will slide through, so it needs to be about 2" wide.  

Step 3  

Drill 6 evenly spaced holes around the bottom edge,  about 1/2"-on-center from the bottom edge. These will  be the holes that the cordelette is threaded through.  

Step 4  

Use sandpaper or an orbital sander to lightly buff  the various holes and top and bottom rims so  nothing is sharp.  

Step 5  

Cut the cordelette into 20" lengths or 4 even pieces  if you have 7 feet. Singe the ends of each piece to  prevent fraying.  

Step 6  

\Thread the cordelette through the holes in this sequence:  starting from the outside, across  the inside, and then along the  outside clockwise to the next hole, back in and across. Repeat until you have both ends one hole apart from each other. Tie ends tightly with a square knot.  

CH Step 7.jpgStep 7

Cut Velcro into 6" lengths. Pull loop-side from hook-side and overlap wrong-sides together by 3/4". Sew in this formation taking care to tack down ends on each side so the finished product is smooth.  

Step 8  

CH step 8.jpgThread combined Velcro through slit loop-side down from the outside to the inside. When you mount cup holder to your frame the loop side should be facing up so you can wrap the hook-side onto it to secure.  

Note: These cup holders work best when hanging  against something like a dry box or cooler. Attach  them to the frame before inserting your dry box  or cooler.