KOTM: Alpine Butterfly Loop

Knot of the Month - Alpine Butterfly Loop

alpine butterfly.jpgOverview

Also known as Lineman’s Loop 

The Alpine Butterfly is a strong loop that can be tied on a bight.  The loop does not roll to either side as a figure 8 would, making it more stable when you need a loop along a length of rope.  Tension can be equal on either end of the rope and it is fairly easy to untie.  The Alpine Butterfly Loop is also a way to temporarily secure a weak or damaged section of rope. 

  • Wrap the rope around your hand twice.
  • At the end of turn one, position the rope close to your fingertips. 
  • Continue around and complete turn two back near your thumb. Pick up the turn near your fingertips.
  • Wrap it around the other two turns.
  • Slide the knot off your hand and tighten by pulling on the loop and the ends. 


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