President's Corner

Falling into Autumn

By Scott Harvey

Scott Harvey.jpg

Greetings fellow club members,

Seasonal changes have arrived once again in the Northwest with the lazy dog days of summer becoming more distant in the rear view mirror.  Autumn is the season that expresses the most diversity and change. Early morning crispness in the air, the colorful and dazzling display of gold or crimson leaves blowing in the wind, corn mazes, pumpkin patches, migrating birds, hunting season, over ripened apples decaying in the orchard, cooling temperatures, darkening nights and the arrival of autumn storms. This is what makes autumn uniquely different from the other seasons. However, it’s not over yet! The warm and sunny weather is still hanging in there for a bit longer this October. So…. make the best of this nice weather we’re experiencing.    

The Wilderness First Aid Training went well at Dodge Park this year. Not as many participates as normal, but for the members who showed up for a weekend of instructional First Aid training with Travis Reid of Oregon Rescue LLC., the enthusiasm was on full display.  Also, the weather for the first weekend of October was perfect for the numerous, hands-on, outdoor training scenarios that took place. We originally had Kingfisher group camp at McIver State Park reserved for this training. But unfortunately, the group campsite was closed down because of the fire they experienced at McIver Park a few weeks earlier. Luckily for us, Dodge Park is a dependable fall back place for our outdoor training needs.  


Cheers and Safe Boating,

Scott Harvey